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"Taking one complete day away from screens each week for the past decade is simply the best thing I have ever done in my 50 years."
Interview with Tiffany Shlain, Emmy-nominated filmmaker and author of the national best-selling book 24/6
Interviewed by Elham Nosrati
October 21, 2020
Zoha Kazemi_Author_Interview.png
"Writing is everything to me. It gives me meaning and a sense of purpose."
An interview with Sci-fiction Author, Zoha Kazemi
Interviewed by Elham Nosrati
February 18, 2020
Blueprints of the Afterlife_Ryan Boudino
"Stories care about people and help us imagine what other people endure."
An interview with American Author, Ryan Boudinot
Interviewed by Elham Nosrati
January 28, 2020
"Asking people to recite lines from a Classic poem in their language serves as a sort of ice-breaker. "
An Interview with Aaron Poochigian:
A poet who has chosen poetry for “better or worse”. 
Interviewed by Elham Nosrati 
July 8, 2019
Adrian Blue Wall Desaturated sized.jpg
Award-winning American poet, Adrian Ernesto Cepeda:
"Poetry makes us stop, slow down and take in the moment."
Interviewed by Elham Nosrati 
May 21, 2019
American Writer and Editor, Nancy Lamb:

"Stories can help us improve our mutual understanding as human beings. Whether we invite these principles into our consciousness is another issue.

Interviewed by Elham Nosrati 
March 21, 2019
author _Vanessa Anderson.jpg
American Writer and EditorVanessa Anderson:
"Write for you first and the rest will fall into place."
Interviewed by Elham Nosrati | November 20, 2018
New York Times Best Seller Author, Fatima Farheen Mirza:
"Writing is paying attention. It is an attempt to look closely at a life, a moment, to try to understand it better."
Interviewed by Elham Nosrati | October 15 , 2018
Jennifer Irwin, Award Winning Author:
"Writing to me is the pain and joy of my life."
Interviewed by Elham Nosrati | September 17, 2018
 Alive with Art and for Art
By Elham Nosrati | August 14, 2018
 What is Creative Writing without Creativity?!
By Elham Nosrati | May 27, 2018
Steve Gronert Ellerhoff, Talented American Writer and Editor, on Fiction Writing:
"Writing is my way of metabolizing those aspects of life I don’t know how to digest in any other way."
Interviewed by Elham Nosrati | April 16, 2018
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By Elham Nosrati | March 31, 2018
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