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Why Readers Reread a Book Over and Over?
By El.N. | February 11, 2018

There are books that every year the feeling to reread them is with us. Although we know what would happen in the last chapter, there is always those count down moments to see what would happen next. We seduce ourselves that we do not know the end and yet we enjoy the book as we have never read it. As a reader we all have a list of these books. What is in your list? Reviewing the names in your head might even give you a joy sparkle. The question is what makes us reread a book in different ages.

As readers’ list of books that they reread is different, their reasons are. Yet we have decided to find out three main reasons that makes a book survive in our reading, or better to say rereading list over time:

1- Enjoyment in Process of Rereading

By reviewing the list of books that one rereads, it is obvious that the enjoyment of reading, discovery and connecting with story is among the lines and in each page. It is not only where the story starts or ends. This also reminds of one of the definitions of “Classics” by Italo Calvino: “A classic is a book which with each rereading offers as much of a sense of discovery as the first reading.” We do not claim anything that we reread is/will be a classic but what is a classic is what is reread.


2- The Need to Repeat 

There are books that teach readers about themselves, their lives or the world around, lessons which are taught very gently and would remain with them after years. Yet readers might feel they need to review them as they want to sit in the same class again and ensure what they have learned is followed and they have not forgotten a point over time.


3- The Reader's Character

What a reader rereads intentionally, not by a force from school or work, can have a relation with who the reader is or at least it reflects some aspects of reader’s life, personality or ideology. This unique self discovery is repeatable as by rereading the story the reader can see himself/herself from a distance. 


Finally, it is understandable that one might want to give a book a second try, for example after reading a review reader doubt if they have missed the point, however that is not what we are covering in here.  

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