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Technology and Book World
By El.N. | September 17, 2017

Technology is everywhere and in book world too. We can now drive and listen to an audio book. We can finish “Crime and Punishment“ while cooking our summer dinners. We can read thousands of reviews on a book simply by scanning its barcode in “Goodreads” app on our smartphone. With recent advancements in technology and its effects in book world, this question has been raised that will paper books survive over time? Also are we using the technology to read more books and enhance our knowledge? Do we remember things better if we read them on a paper book or an ebook?

Paper books are alive as long as readers who prefer paper books – might be with a pen to write on them. And as long as people who like touch of a paper and smell of a bookshop are living.  However, a reader might need a kindle to carry multiple books while traveling to Caribbean for one week vocation. A reader might need an audio book to use drive time to work, to enjoy his favourite book.

New methods of publications seem inevitable; we can store hundreds of our academic books on external hard drives and refer back to them without needing a bookshelf and a space to allocate it. We can find a sentence without going through hundreds of pages and simply by searching its ebook.

Technology is there to be used as a tool to help us have a better life, however if balance is lost and this technology becomes the ruler, it will not be a tool anymore, accordingly it will not help us have a better life.

This fact is valid in different aspects of our lives, including technology’s effect in book world. There are people out there in this world who have never read one single book beside their school books and they are twitting sentences from wonderful fiction books every day.

There are those who search for a quote about “book” in the internet, add it to a photo they have taken from a bookshop they have passed by in their trip to Paris, This is all nice unless they have never entered a bookshop in the last five years and even if they did they have never bought a book and even if they did, they have never read it. However, this picture along with the quote is posted in social media and receives hundreds of likes. Looking at book world from this window reminds me of a true story about a lady going to a book store asking for a green book with a certain size.

“What is the book title?” asked book seller.

“It doesn’t matter,” women replied.

“How come,” said book seller.

“I am looking for a book to fill a space in my library.”

We all know that books application is as the source of knowledge, a crafted piece of work and art to help us grow, feel better and live better. Now, I am not claiming that picture of a table with a book on it does not look much nicer that a table alone, but where are we heading to if we are one of those who never reads a book but posts plenty of these posts.

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