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About us

We are a  team of book lovers from across the globe. Throughout years of reading, we have come to learn that there are books that offer unique experiences and their value is beyond any price tag. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to elevate your experience with the fascinating book world. Whether you are an author, reader or publisher, our services are beyond advertisement influence and based on content and creativity. We open new windows to books and together we discover the book world like never before.   

What We Do?  

There is an infinite beauty hidden in simplicity, as Leonardo da Vinci said, "simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." This is our attitude through all El services. 

El Book Reviews

To elevate your experience with the book world, we offer simple, yet deep book reviews for selective and valuable books published in different languages across the globe.

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El Book Suggestion

We introduce a selective list of books to book lovers, based on their contents. El Book Cafe ensures its members that our book recommendations are based on contents, and without any commercial or advertising considerations.

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El Book Channel

Elbook Channel's activities includes El book video and podcasts, in addition to El Magazines which mainly discuss outstanding books, authors and book events.

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El Book Events

We believe in the real world where people can meet, talk, interact and share their book experiences. Hence,  we invite book readers and book lovers to attend El Book Events.

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Join Us 

We invite you to grab a book and a cup of coffee and take a journey with us. We enjoy reading and we believe together we can enjoy more from the fascinating world of books.

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