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TOP 10 Tips to Improve Reading Skills
By El.N. | October 22, 2017

You want to be a reader? You like smell and touch of books but you get bored after few pages reading? You wish to finish reading “Tale of Two Cities” one day, yet you never passed page twenty. We have some tips for you to improve your reading skills:

Tip 1: Start with Short Books

We as humans like to accomplish tasks in our check list. Starting a long book for a new reader can not be a good choice as it will take longer to finish while your reading skills are not developed yet.


Tip 2: Choose a Book with Good Reviews

In the book world, there are thousands of books published every year, a good book to start is not necessarily a book with a known author. But there are reviews out there which are reliable and beyond advertising criteria. If you are a new reader we recommend that you start with top books in your favourite category which are short too. Check our Book Suggestion Page for some recommendations.


Tip 3: Find your Favorite Book Category

Find your favorite book category. If you are interested in fiction, it would be better to start developing your reading skills by reading fiction books, or if you are not interested in history do not force yourself to read a history book as a start.


Tip 4: Join Reliable Book Websites

There are reliable book websites which can help you improve your reading skills, make an account in one or two. Do not make it more as it will make you distracted from your main goal. We highly recommend “Goodreads”, not only that it has book reviews from different views and book suggestions for each category, but you can also write your reviews, join online book and discussion clubs, post your reviews, ask questions about books and many other services.


Tip 5: Commit to a Daily Reading Schedule

Like any other skill, developing reading skills requires commitment to a daily reading schedule. You might need to be flexible time to time but stay committed. Start with twenty minutes reading daily, if you did not have the time in the morning, read before going to bed.


Tip 6: Use Different Book Mediums

If you do not have time for reading a paper book, try an audio book while you are driving or cooking your dinner. If you do not like carrying a heavy book but you desperately want to read it buy the ebook.


Tip 7: Membership of Public Library

Get a card from the Public library nearby. Public libraries have a wide rage of books and their digital services might amaze you.

Tip 8: Check Online Free Book Previews

You can check book previews online. Google has fantastic book preview services, this will help you check few pages before buying a book.


Tip 9: Do Not Rely on Advertisement  

Do not rely on advertisement world for buying or reading a book. If you want to be a reader and you love books, you need to be cautious with your initial reading choices.

Tip 10: Think About What You Read

After you finish your reading ask questions about what you read. This will help you define value in the time you spent on the task and will motivate you for next reading. Did what you read make you pause and ponder? Are you willing to recommend it to others? What made it different?

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