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Symphony of the Dead  by Abbas Maroufi:

 A Brilliant Fiction from a non English Author

by El.N. | February 25, 2018

Abbas Maroufi has fascinated Persian and German readers for years with “Symphony of the Dead”. Soon after the book was first published in 1988, Persian readers were amazed by Maroufi’s power in elaborately using every and each word such that readers’ night dreams and awakenings would be affected by the story’s power and Marufi’s pen. 

The book was later translated in Germany and achieved great success among German readers. Maroufi has mentioned the translation of the book as one of the reasons of this book‘s success in Germany. However, any elaborate translation does not have any power to attract readers if the story is not well-written in the first place. An English translation of the book is also available.

Symphony of the Dead is among the best contemporary fiction stories published originally in a non-English language. Moreover, continuous readers’ attention to the book implies its standing position over time.

Maroufi’s chosen topic about differences in a family and no openness about these differences within the family, is not an old or new topic, but his genius in picturing all scenes in front of readers' eyes, is what makes the book read, praised and published after years. As this story might never get old, the same is expected for this book.

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