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A Review on Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
By Elham Nosrati | April 14, 2018
Americanah is a page turner novel with many smaller stories within which implies author’s talents. Following are the factors which would make the reader put the book aside as one of the best reads of the current year. 
  • Everything happens between story lines. Conversations and explanations, continuous interactions and back and forth movements in time make the reader entertained and not bored.

  • Reader is not surprised by sudden changes and there is a trend or collection of reasons, backgrounds and circumstances which moves the story to the next scene. This makes the story profound and easy to connect with.

  • For immigrants and for those who welcome immigrants to their countries, there are moments that Adichie amazes both groups with her attention to details and smaller stories. These small pieces in the story are well-connected that although reader reads thousands of them in the book they are well suited and a part of a bigger story and plot.

  • Story has plenty of funny moments that reader would laugh but also moments that pains of a young immigrant or better to say a black immigrant would make the reader ponder.

  •  Small yet deep scenes in Nigeria would open reader's eyes to a new understanding from Nigeria and Nigerias around the world.

Beside the story strengths, one might suggest a different ending for the story.  Yet, this book should be read with open eyes as it has a lot to offer.

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