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A Day with “The Sun and Her Flowers” by Rupi Kaur
By Elham Nosrati | August 26, 2018
Rupi Kaur is a new generation of poets who have gone beyond conventional borders and redefined women’s lives.


Here are the main notes about this book to point out:

  • Simple yet Deep: Every single poem is simple yet deep, brave and soulful, as Rupi is sitting next to reader and talking with him/her.

  • Complementary Drawings: There are drawings in the book that are outstanding piece of artwork and their simplicity make them more connected to the reader.

  • Both Admiring and Criticizing Look: Rupi Kaur is a brave writer who does not choose the nice and beautiful parts of her life to demonstrate, instead she writes about the most private aspects of her life: a woman’s life with both an admiring and a criticizing look. Accordingly, it should be said that she is seeking for a better version of herself and the women who would be the readers.

  • Something to Say for EveryoneRupi is not a writer for women readers only. There are poems in her book which reflect the importance of our small decisions and reactions to life’s daily events. How things that we might pass by can change our lives and others’ lives in different ways. Rupi bravely accepts mistakes and tries to awaken our mind not to follow our unconscious mind to have same reactions while there is a place for improvement.

  • True Beauty: Last but now least, in a world where we are fed to believe in certain beauty criteria, behaviors and  standards,  to be seen and accepted, Rupi is the prove that yet there are people who admire natural beauty of us as human beings with a decisions to less manipulate her appearance and her nature to fit today’s beauty standards – standards that mostly have expiry dates less than a couple of years.

Rupi Kaurs’ braveness, Simple yet deep writing, both criticizing and admiring look at life in “The Sun and Her Flowers” should be praised.

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