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Christian Bobin 
By El.N. | September 16, 2017

Christian Bobin is a French author and poet born in 1951. His most famous work “The Very Lowly” (French Title: Le Très-Bas) brought him “Prix des Deux Magots” prize in 1993. Bobin’s significant list of beautiful fiction books include but are not limited to “La Folle Allure” (published in  1995), “The More than alive” (published in 1996) and The woman next (published in 1990).

Reading a couple of lines from Bobin’s works reflects a delicate soul: clear, pure and soft, living alive with all life’s white, gray and black moments.  Bobin has been very successful in crafting his own style of writing; however this has never made one of his works similar to the other. In other words, his readers know there is something new in his next book, although they all follow the same style. Indeed, Bobin has created a world via his books, one might enjoy to go for a walk in this world, to breathe and feel it, but the story, message or content is not necessarily happy.

Bobin’s books give a collection of conflicts to reader, there are moments that reader is happy and moments that reader is hopeless and seeking for slightest light to take him\her out from depression. Moreover, one might agree to a message in the book while there are moments when reader cannot agree or believe source of a second message is the same book. Simplicity in writing is obvious in Bobin’s books while contents reflect the most complicated edges of human’s life. Bobin is writing philosophy in a story language and indeed how well he does. 

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